Prior to seeing Yuuki I had never done acupuncture before and I am not usually comfortable with needles. Even with the slight nerves, Yuuki’s ultra-calming presence and the treatment itself puts my body and mind at such ease. I am able to go into a relaxed state that I have never experienced in any other treatments. 

I have come in with a myriad of body “dis-eases” ranging from reoccurring shoulder discomfort and hamstring tightness to chronic digestive issues. After just two sessions, the hamstring tightness is gone and I’ve noticed major improvements in my shoulder discomfort and digestive issues. 

Yuuki is incredibly intuitive and intelligent. He understands the body and the mind and how the energy of both are completely interconnected, constantly affecting one another. He is a fantastic listener and is not one to ever judge or jump to conclusions. He lets the body give feedback as he works.

I look forward to continuing my sessions with Yuuki and whole-heartedly recommend him and his practice to everyone! 
— K.H.

“Yuuki fixed me!”

I had been having tightness, pain and discomfort between my right shoulder and neck. I was constantly trying to adjust; rolling my shoulder back, and would still feel the nagging pain.

Doing acupuncture for the first time ever, with Yuuki, I had no expectations. I was curious to see how it was. Yuuki’s table side manner was so professional and comforting, he listened to me and asked questions while gathering information from different points on my body, keeping me at ease.

Yuuki found the center of the pain in my shoulder and released it. I left feeling light, like I was walking on air.

I went about my daily life returned to normal, I wasn’t even conscious of the pain being gone, because there was no traces of the pain, or recollection in my body. Yuuki checked in with me several times following our session. It wasn’t until months later when another woman said interested in doing acupuncture with Yuuki, and I heard myself say: “Yuuki fixed me!” That I realized it was true.
— C.L.