What's causing my headache? Your traps?

Headaches are quite the common occurrence. I have had them, I am sure you have and any number of people around you have had them. When we are ill, when we are sick, headaches often are part of the package. However there are headaches that occur without any of these other symptoms or we may have a recurring, chronic incidence of headaches.

Regardless of what the reason it is never pleasant. One of the things that we often overlook is the simplest of them all, muscle tension. We have muscles along our neck, the tops of our shoulders, upper back and even muscles along our head. An area that many of us carry tension (I do as well) is the upper back, specifically the upper trapezius muscle. What you may not have know is that pain can travel and affect other areas of the body even if it didn’t originate there. The work of Janet Travell has shed light on this fact with her research into trigger points. If you want a quick breakdown of trigger points and what happens in the muscle and how it affects your body check out this quick youtube video  Each muscle has its own set of patterns and the trapezius just so happens to have one that goes from the upper back, shoulder area up along the neck around the side of the head and into the temples.

After a night of rest usually these headaches can go away, but if the muscular tension persists you are setting yourself up for more future discomfort. What acupuncture can offer which can either supplement your own exercise regimen or even massage is that we get to go into the muscle directly, under the skin, right to the area that may be causing the issue.

After a couple of treatments and you could be in less pain, prevent future discomfort and create a pattern towards better living. Does that sound appealing to you?